Our full-service shop prioritizes quality over quantity so you can be assured your bike is given thorough and detailed attention to keep you happily rolling. From flat-fixes, brake adjustments, wheel builds, to complete overhauls, our expert mechanics do it all.


Bike Repair and Service


Basic Tune-Up $85

A basic tune-up is ideal for most casual or seasonal riders whose bikes are in fairly good condition but need some TLC. Providing regular maintenance through an annual tune-up helps prevent costly issues down the road. A basic tune-up will go over every part of the bike from front to back and includes:

  • Front and rear brake adjustments

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments

  • Front and rear hub adjustments

  • Bottom bracket adjustment

  • Headset adjustment

  • Wheel trues

  • Lubrication of chain and cables

  • Check tire pressure

  • Installation of cables, housing and brake pads purchased from us

Deluxe Tune-Up $110

If you ride all year round, ride long distances, put a lot of wear and tear on your parts, or it’s been a long time since your last maintenance check, chances are our deluxe tune-up is in order. In addition to getting every part of your bike in proper adjustment, the deluxe tune includes removing and scrubbing your chainrings, cassette, and chain to get them looking and working well. If any of these parts are worn out and need replacement, all installation labor is included.

Complete Bike Overhaul $200

If your love for your bike goes extra deep but your bike maintenance habits do not, you may be ready for our most complete labor package and get a complete overhaul. We will disassemble your bike down and build it back up to be like new. Includes all the services for the Deluxe Tune plus:

  • Front and rear hub overhaul

  • Bottom bracket overhaul or replacement

  • Headset overhaul or replacement

  • Bearing overhauls include replacing contaminated grease with new, clean grease.

First Tune-Up FREE if you purchase your bike at BFF!

Other Maintenance or Repairs

Flat Repair $17.00

Brake Adjust $15.00

Front Hub Overhaul $20.00

Rear Hub Overhaul $30.00

Wheel True (Minor) $15.00

Wheel True (Major) $20.00

Wheel Spoke Replacement $30.00

Derailleur Adjust $15.00

Hub Adjust $10.00

Gluing Tubular Tire (per tire) $35.00

Gluing Tubular Tires (set) $60.00

Install Tubeless Tires and Sealant $15.00

Wrap bars $12.00-$20.00

Full Bike Clean $55.00

Drivetrain Clean $35.00


Special Services

Bike Delivery/Pick-up $10/MILE

We get it, how are you supposed to get your bike to the shop for repair if you can’t ride it? And maybe you want to come in for that new bike, but not able to ride it home or have a car to load it in. No worries, the BFF Mobile to the rescue!

Bike Fit $150

You do not need to nor should you put up with pain and discomfort on the bike. If you are having any issues such as numbness, pain, or overcoming an injury, our bike fitter will get to the bottom of the problem.  Bike fits can also make a world of difference when it comes to being an efficient and faster cyclist.


You are taking a bike trip?! Woo-hoo! Or are you moving? Let us take a task off your to-do list and pack your bike. We’ll make sure it arrives in one piece safely and soundly. We can also help you arrange for shipping with pick-up at BFF Bikes, using the most affordable and easy option, Bike Flights.


If you are taking a bike trip and checking your bag, we got you covered. Our Thule RoundTrip Traveler bag is easy to wheel around the airport and keeps your bike protected.


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These guys were amazing. Walked in with a punctured inner tube and walked out much wiser and with a cleaned up bike. Fantastic service and very friendly people! I live next to bike shops but I will travel out of my way to go here.

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