come ride with us and meet your new bff! we host a wide variety of rides for every type of cyclist. we want to be there on your first group ride, or help you suffer on your training day.


Our Clinics



mARCH-oCTOBER, 1st Monday of each month at 7-8pM

We decided to do this class because changing a flat is not only a useful skill but it’s also a safety issue. If you can change a flat yourself, you don’t have to be stuck away from home, or rely on the kindness of stranger to help you out. 


may & July

Don’t let shifting give you the shivers. Come to Give-a-Shift, our hands on shifting & gearing clinic, which we hold about twice a year. In this class we will teach you when to shift gears on the bike, as well as what not to do. With your bike in a trainer, you will go through all of your gears. You’ll get off your bike to see how many gear combos you have, what cross-chaining is and how your front and rear derailleur move with each “click” of the shift lever.

Year-Round Riding


A big goal for many Chicago bike commuters is going the distance through winter. We want to help those interested reach that goal! We’ll go over tips and tricks that will help you feel comfortable and safe so you can keep riding through the cold months. 

Winter Training 101


Despite the threat of losing fitness over winter, indoor winter training can seem too daunting and boring to take on. But in reality, it can be a lot of fun and well worth the effort! Learn from experts how to gain amazing fitness with indoor training so when the spring comes, you are ready to go further and faster than before.

Fit, Form, Function

april & August

If you’re thinking about getting a new bike this season or just want to know more about the bike you have, mark your calendars for this clinic. You’ll learn about proper bike fit, ideal riding posture, and how to pick out the best bike for your riding style & ability. This clinic is ideal for all levels of riders. Refreshments and fun swag provided. Bring a friend! 

Try a Tri 


This clinic is for all you ladies who are doing your first triathlon or going for a better time or longer distance than you have before. Our Michelle Handren, USAT Triathlon Coach & BFF Bikes staff member will go over all the basics of triathlon, from training to equipment to what to expect on race day. 

Whether you are thinking about getting your feet wet in your first triathlon (pun intended!), or have done 1 or 2 and want to do a longer distance or beat a past time, this clinic is for you! We’ll have wine, beer and hors-d’oeuvres to make for a fun informative evening. Bring yourself and a friend!

Our Workshops

Bicycle Anatomy & Physiology Class


5 weeks long! Dig deeper into the way your bicycle works at BFF Bikes’ Bicycle Anatomy & Physiology class. Each week, this 5 week course will cover different “systems” on bicycles: frame, gears, wheels, points of contact, and advanced home mechanics and maintenance. 



Setting goals is not only fun, but a key step toward reaching new levels. Whether you want to do your first century ride, hit a new PR, or win that race, our goal setting workshop will help get you started. We'll learn what makes a goal a good goal, tips to stay on track, and the many ways to reward yourself. There will be worksheets, snacks, and we'll share our goals and ideas. 

Special Sessions

Bike Camping

We've got experts in bike camping that are ready to give you all the info. In summer months we host bike camping excursions and lessons. Stay tuned!

Ride the Rollers

Have you always wanted to try rollers? Or a bike trainer? Stop by and we will set you up and help you figure it all out. 


Upcoming Clinics