Tubeless Made Easy!

Fewer flat tires, greater traction, and a smoother ride...sounds great, right? Going tubeless will get you all of those things and more! The set-up usually involves a new set of wheels, tires, valves, and sealant. That can add up quickly in cost and time, so Giant introduced a new tubeless system that makes things MUCH easier and more cost effective: EasyRide Tubeless (ERT)!

ERT technology is an easy solution for riders seeking the advantages of tubeless tire without the expensive upgrade or mess. Read on for a breakdown of how it works and why it may be a good option for you.

  • A special integrated liner creates air chamber (pictured above) that functions similar to a tube, making it easier to pump up your tires. Sealant is poured inside this chamber.

  • All you need is an ERT tire and sealant. The tires will work on any rim, so there's no need to go wheel shopping.

  • When you get a small cut or knick in the tire, the sealant will seal it off! You may have to top off the air when you get home, but you're much less likely to have to stop riding.

  • No tube means no pinch flats! That means you can run a lower tire pressure to get a comfier ride without the risk of a flat. 

  • ERT tires start at $45, which is comparable to a regular puncture-resistant tire. So why not give it a try! Certain Liv and Giant bikes already come set up this way, such as the Liv Alight 1 Disc.

Tubeless technology continues to develop and become more accessible than ever, and EasyRide Tubeless is a perfect way to give tubeless a try for the first time.