Bicycle Anatomy & Physiology

Dig deeper into the way your bicycle works at BFF Bikes’ Bicycle Anatomy & Physiology class. Each week, this 5 week course will focus on a different aspect: frame, gears, wheels, points of contact, and home maintenance and adjustments.  

CLASSES WILL BE wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm in January.

No prior mechanical experience required | $115 fee for 5 week course

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WEEK 1 - January 2

Bicycle Bones: Frame, Fork, and Geometry

WEEK 2 - January 9

Stop and Go: Brakes, Wheels, and Tires

WEEK 3 - January 16

The Drivetrain: Shifters & Gears

WEEK 4 - January 23

3-2-1 Contact: Points of contact, Saddle, Pedals, Handlebars

Special Guest Lecturer and Expert Bike Fitter, Steven Blum

WEEK 5 - January 30

Advanced Home Maintenance and Adjustments



Notebook and Pen/pencil 

What's Provided:

Handouts, Syllabus