come ride with us and meet your new bff! we host a wide variety of rides for every type of cyclist. we want to be there on your first group ride, or help you suffer on your training day.


Our Rides

Beginner Group Ride

SUNDAy, May to november


We are stoked you want to try out group training rides. The first Sunday of each month, starting in May and going until November, we will have a group ride leaving the shop at 9AM. The pace will be determined by the slowest rider in the group, however be prepared to keep a good pace. Length will be approx. 20-30 miles. Before the ride starts we will go over the basics of ride safety, so please be on time. Things you will need:

  • Road Bike

  • Helmet

  • Flat repair kit

  • Phone & ID

  • Credit card or cash for coffee, etc

  • Water Bottles

  • While not required, we recommend wearing clipless shoes, a cycling jersey, and padded shorts

BFF Training Ride

SUNDAYs, April to august


Check Facebook and Twitter for cancellations due to weather, posted no later than Sunday 7am

Join the BFF Bikes Racing team for a weekly 45-mile training ride in the spring and summer! With an average pace of 16-20 mph, we will ride in a rotating paceline and pick up speed once outside of Chicago. This is an intermediate to advanced level ride. If you’ve never done a training ride before, try our Beginner Group Ride!

Before the ride departs, the group will determine if the route will include designated interval and sprint points. Should these be included, the ride leaders will make sure the entire group is aware of the start and end points ahead of time. We will always regroup after these faster efforts to ensure no one gets lost or left behind.

We stop in Highland Park for a quick coffee break before turning back. On the way back to the city, the group may decide to split into two to allow riders to either hammer home at a faster pace or continue at the same pace.

Women, Trans & Non-Binary Cyclocross Practice

SATURDAYs, September-November

8am-10am Little Cubs Field, Humboldt ParK

BFF Bikes Racing hosts our Women, Trans, and Non-Binary cyclocross practice. Are you looking to practice and perfect your remounts, dismounts and bunny hops in a low-pressure, friendly environment? Check out our weekly CX practice every fall at Humboldt Park (Kedzie and Hirsch, at the top of the Little Cubs Field Hill).

At the beginning of the practice, we will introduce ourselves and state what skill(s) we hope to work on today; following introductions, we will break off into small groups and work together to perfect our skill of choice (dismounts/remounts, hill work, cornering at high & low speed, bunny hops).

The last 30 minutes of practice will be a hot-laps eliminator race. You may race as long or short as you like, but whoever is first over the line and races the full 30 minutes will win a special prize or treat.

BFF Bikes to Beer



Every month, join fellow bike and beer enthusiasts for a casual cruise for brews! We will select a different brewery for each ride, ranging from local favorites in the city, to lesser known suburban spots. Depending on the selected destination, routes will include roads, paved trails, and/or mixed terrain trails. Routes will be posted on Strava in advance so you can plan accordingly. The average pace will be determined by the group but usually falls between 13-16mph. We will break for beer and lunch before returning to the shop. Most rides will have an option to take the Metra back to the city. This is a fun, social ride open to all. Whether you have a road bike, hybrid, cross bike, or fat bike, you are welcome as long as you’re comfortable riding the designated distance!

Check for day before and day-of ride updates, weather related news, cancellations, or other information on Facebook and Twitter

Check our event calendar for dates and details as they become available!

Upcoming Rides


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Real support and camaraderie for the women’s cycling community. BFF is an excellent resource if you want to take your riding to the next level. 

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